Post election event 2022

The Return of Netanyahu & What is Left of the Left

23rd of November
7-9 PM

a Hybrid event via Zoom, or in the city center of:

  • Maastricht
  • Groningen
  • Amsterdam

Lahav Harkov will give a lecture on the last Israeli election 

Conduct election poll 

There will be room for discussion and questions during and after the seminar

About the event

Harkov will provide an in-depth explanation and analysis of the current Israeli political scene, from the far left to the far right, whilst discussing the implications of the election results, domestically and internationally.

Together we will also try to understand the reactions of all types of Israelis to these results.

  • Who embraces it?
  • Who rejects it?
  • What can be said about today's societal divisions in Israel?


About Lahav Harkov

Lahav Harkov is the Senior Contributing Editor and Diplomatic Correspondent of The Jerusalem Post. Her responsibilities include reporting on and analyzing Israel's relations with the world, the Prime Minister's office, the National Security Council, the Foreign Ministry, and more. She has interviewed major figures across the Israeli political spectrum and is well-connected to the country's top lawmakers and diplomats.

She is often invited to lecture on Israeli government and politics, and international news outlets, such as the BBC, France 24 and Sky News have sought her insights and analysis about breaking news.

Harkov grew up in New Jersey, making aliyah at age 17, where she did two years of National Service (Sherut Leumi) at museums dealing with Jewish and Israeli history. Harkov has a degree in Political Science and Communications at Bar-Ilan University.

Source: J-Post